Keep The Showroom Shine: Choose Paint and Fabric Protection at Carlingo

Keep The Showroom Shine: Choose Paint and Fabric Protection at Carlingo

Find everything you need to know about GardX exterior protection

Here at Carlingo, we take immense pride in the presentation of our vehicles; no car goes on display unless we’re confident that it meets our high standards, visually and mechanically. We do this not only because it means a lot to us, but also because we know it means a lot to you; your car is your pride and joy, just as it should be. 

With this in mind, it’s essential for us to enable each Carlingo customer to maintain the showroom shine long into their car ownership. That’s why we offer you the option of an industry-leading GardX product application prior to handover day, so that you can look forward to driving a car that stays clean and shiny.

Get to know the GardX options…

Exterior Protection 

Tree sap, UV rays and road debris can wage war on our paintwork, but with GardX, you’re well-armed. This is far stronger than your average wax product, protecting against fading, oxidisation, pollution, acid rain and more thanks to a tough, high gloss and highly-resilient transparent barrier coating. 

Permanently applied to your car, GardX Paint Protection is an invisible layer of powerful and durable sealant on the surface of your car’s paintwork, cleverly filling in any of those pesky imperfections, and creating a super-smooth, ultra-protective finish. 

In addition to the general protection that this impressive product provides, it actually makes your car easier to clean, too - and you’ll barely need to polish it.

If you do opt for the GardX exterior protection, we would recommend using a quality car shampoo, to keep things looking tip-top. 

Interior Protection 

We spend a fair chunk of our time in our cars, and a fresh, clean interior can make all the difference. The inside of your car is subjected to plenty of wear and tear (particularly if it’s a family runaround), so it makes sense to protect either fabric or leather against spills and stains, dirt, grease and grime. 

So how does it do this? Well, this bit is pretty cool: GardX Interior Protection for fabric ‘coats each individual fabric fibre with an invisible barrier’. This means that liquids either bead up on the surface so that they can be wiped or vacuumed away, or they’ll pass straight through the weave of the fabric itself without staining.

For leather, GardX provides a breathable treatment that not only coats it to protect against dirt and liquid spills but also nourishes and moisturises it too, so it’s always a treat to settle into on your journey. 

Why choose GardX? 

As if the aforementioned benefits of each product weren’t enough, here are some other solid reasons to opt for GardX protection on your Carlingo car… 

Protect the resale value of your car

Everyone wants an immaculate car, so if you think about selling your GardX-protected car in the future, this investment in your paintwork and interior is just another reason for the buyer to open their wallet. 

Enhance visibility

In wet weather, the GardX exterior product applied to your windscreen means that water will bead off, making it easier to see in what could otherwise be challenging conditions.

A lifetime guarantee 

GardX’s products last the lifetime of your vehicle, so you know that your car will look its best for as long as you need it to. 

A single one-off payment  

All we need from you is £399 at the point of your car purchase which, when you take into consideration the lifetime guarantee, is an investment well made.

Find your next used car at Carlingo 

Whilst the finishing touches are a hugely exciting part of your purchase, it all starts with finding the right car for you. This is something we invite you to do either online or at our stylish Harrogate dealership, where you’re free to browse under your own steam, or we’re happy to guide you towards the right car for your needs. 

Once you’ve made the all-important choice, talk to us about GardX Protection, the other ways in which we prepare your car, and the option for protecting it going forward with warranty.