Carlingo Car Care

Carlingo Car Care

Once you’ve settled on the right used car for you at our Harrogate dealership, our attention turns to the future, and keeping your investment looking and driving as it should. When you purchase the car of your dreams from us, you’ll have the option to protect your car going forward. This includes an extended warranty in case of the unexpected, and paint and fabric protection to keep your car showroom fresh for many months to come. 

Why protect your car with Carlingo car care? 

Prior to your purchase, every effort will have been made to bring your car up to our high standards, with practically perfect bodywork, a smoothly running engine, and an interior that you could be forgiven for thinking was new. Nothing would make us happier here at Carlingo than for you to keep it that way, which is why our plans were devised to make the many miles ahead of you as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. 

Surprise repair costs and cosmetic damage can be a real pain, but Carlingo Car Care can help prevent them.

  • Carlingo Extended Warranty
    Make sure you stay protected from any unexpected expenses after your free 90-day warranty has ended.
    Choose from a 1, 2 or 3 year extended warranty
    Covers mechanical and electrical parts
    Includes 24/7 recovery by the RAC
  • Carlingo Paint & Fabric Protection
    Protect the exterior and interior of your car with GardX Paint & Fabric Protection. The tough, high-gloss barrier bonds to the car and seals the surface.
    Preserves your paintwork and interior
    Maintains a high-gloss showroom finish wash after wash
    One-off application that lasts the lifetime of your car